Monday, March 3, 2014

Author Tweeting Tips

Tips to Tweet Your Way to Better Book Sales

While some writers look down at Twitter as shameless self-promotion, new authors are turning to the tweet to engage with readers, market their books, and put a human face on the person behind the book.

It's easy for established writers with publishing contracts to sneer at the Twitter universe, but for authors without the might of an established publishing house behind them, social media is a great way to gain access to potential readers and build their fan base. The key is to not only tweet for the purpose of book marketing, but to establish an authentic presence to interact with a growing community of writers  and readers who are continually seeking new reads and connections.

A powerful presence on Twitter can simultaneously help you build authority as a trusted source on your subject matter, while also giving you a platform to speak more informally about books, writing, and your interest.  Numerous authors who are popular on Twitter share a mix of formal book promotion updates along with casual exchanges with fans and friends. It’s important to interact with other writers as well and not just toot your own horn all the time.

Before you start tweeting, create an attractive profile that includes an interesting, brief bio listing your book title and author website, if you have one. One main thing you must do is to get rid of the default "egg" photo that Twitter provides. Upload an appealing photo so that potential readers know you're a real person.

If you're wondering how to promote your book on Twitter but not sure where to start, search for favorite authors you like, and start following them. To join the conversation, try using related hashtags like #AmReading or #FreeBookPromo to let the Twitterverse know what books you love.

Don't be bashful about praising other authors you admire. Help promote their books and retweet their links. Make sure you include their Twitter i.d. so they are aware of your post. This will help down the road as they may be more apt to retweet your tweets as well. Tweet about articles or websites you come across related to your own interest and genres of your books. Genuine, positive interactions can brand your online identity as an authentic, interesting author and can help you grow a community of supporters and, ideally, loyal readers.

 Twitter is an excellent way to promote your books and yourself. Get started today!

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