Monday, June 23, 2014

Promoting Your Book On Twitter

Social media has become a great way to promote your books and stay in touch with your readers. Twitter has provided a great service for us to promote our authors and their book promotions. Using hashtags and sending alerts to certain accounts like @FreeBookPromo helps you spread the word in real time. If you can get a retweet from these accounts or your followers, it can become viral. This will drive free traffic to your blog or book sales page.

However, as with any social media sites, some accounts are setup and either abandoned or in some cases never even used. It is a shame because some of these accounts have great user ID's. Our guess is that when Twitter was launched, people signed up and secured a great ID, only to let it lay dormant in cyberspace. I wonder if Twitter will ever clean up these dormant accounts or release the ID so that others may be able to use them.

Here is an example of an excellent user ID that could provide an excellent source of information or a service for authors. The Twitter ID is @bookpromo. The account was created in 2009 and has never tweeted. It has one lonely follower. Imagine the possibilities this account could provide an author or a publisher. Unfortunately, it looks like an opportunity wasted.

Now, you may be asking, why am I telling you this or even care. The reason is I see many tweets with these Twitter ID's in them. I realize what the tweeter is attempting to do is get their tweet seen or retweeted by the ID they are including in their promotion. Through a little research, I have found some of these inactive accounts. I value my time and efforts and believe you probably do as well.

Here are accounts I have found to be either dead or inactive in the past year. I hope this helps you to save you some time and effort and promote your books to active accounts. Here they are:

*Author Tools  @AuthorTools
*Author Tweeting @AuthorTweeting 
*Book Promo @bookpromo 
*Book Review Talk  @bookreviewtalk 
*Cheap Kindle 1 @cheapkindle1 
*eBook @ebook 
*eBook Price Drops @eBookPriceDrops 
*Free 2 Kindle @free2kindle 
*Free eBook Deal @FREEeBookDeal 
*Free Kindle Books @kindle_free
*Free Kindle Stuff @FreeKindleStuff 
*Free Read Feed @FreeReadFeed 
*Free_Kindle @free_kindle 
*Free_Kindle_Fic @free_kindle_fic 
*Free_UK_eBooks @Free_UK_eBooks 
*Indie Author Book @IndieAuthorBook
*Kindle Book King @KindleBookKing 
*Kindle Free Books @KindleFreeBooks 
*Kindle Freebies  @Kindle_Freebies 
*Kindle News @kindlenews 
*Kindle Stuff @kindlestuff 
*Kindle Updates @KindleUpdates 
*Tweet Your Novels  @TweetYourNovels 
*WLC Promotions @wlcpromotions 
*Zilch eBooks @ZilchEbooks 

*Note*If you see your account on this list and have recently become active again, please contact us and we will remove you from this list.

The good news, there are hundreds of active accounts out there who are glad to promote your books and promotions. Here is five of them:

Authors Central  @authorscentral
Book Buyers Club @bookbuyersclub
Free Book Promo @FreeBookPromo
Kindle Book Pulse @KindleBookPulse
Kindle Free Reads @KindleFreeReads 

If you would like our complete list of these accounts, please contact us here.

I hope this helps you with your future book promotions.

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